LED displays are light-producing devices using Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology. Each LED pixel creates an image by emitting colored light. Screens are often used to display video or visual content in high resolution.
Factors such as resolution, brightness, size and mounting options should be taken into account. Product descriptions and specifications available on our website provide customers with guidance on this matter.
The installation process may vary depending on the features and intended use of the LED display purchased. Detailed installation guides or expert technical support are often provided.
LED displays are generally low maintenance, but periodic cleaning and software updates are important. In case of repair, our technical support team will assist.
LED screens are used in commercial buildings, shopping malls, stadiums, event venues and many areas for promotional purposes. Our reference projects can be found on our website.
There are different types of LED screens on our website, such as fixed screens, portable screens and outdoor screens. Each display type has features suitable for specific usage scenarios.
Yes, we offer solutions specific to customer needs. You can contact us for requests regarding customized sizes, shapes or features.
Pricing varies depending on display features, size and other special requests. You can contact our sales team to get a detailed offer.
Our technical support services generally cover the product warranty period and include remote support, software updates and troubleshooting services.
The latest innovations and advances in LED display technology focus on areas such as higher resolution, energy efficiency and color accuracy. You can access news on this subject from the blog or updates section of our website.