LEDECA, Always Bright!

Since 2007, we manufacture, deliver and integrate high quality LED based multimedia solutions across multiple vertical markets, which includes but are not limited to; outdoor advertisement, out-of-home messaging, traffic variable messaging, rental, broadcast, sports and media facade applications.

As of 2023, our installed based of screens number over 50.000 distributed across 50 countries. We complement our LED multimedia products with supplementary offerings where necessary, such as monitoring system, display processors, content automation software, turnkey project design & build & calibration services.

We Achieved


LEDECA Founded as a LTD

First Product

First in-house-designed Product


LEDECA ISO-certified (9001 and 14001)

Move To İstanbul

LEDECA moves to İstanbul

First Production Investment

First assembly line for serial production created

First Outdoor Smd Screen Production

First self-designed outdoor SMD LED screen product

Metal Production Facility Investment

Metalworks facility created

Export To 40 Country

LEDECA products are used in 40 countries

First UEFA Approved Perimeter System

First UEFA approved stadium perimeter screen

First Fids Integration

First FIDS (Flight Information Display System) integration

Patented Freeform Design

Patented freeform / flexible module designed

12th Biggest Manufacturer

As a TÜRKİYE’s 12th biggest hardware manufacturer in IT industry

Export To 50 Country

LEDECA products are used in 50 countries and more than 50.000 screens

Production Facility Extension

LEDECA established a subsidary production extension in PRC

About Us


We have complete control over all mechanical and electronic aspects of the production process. Our products are compliant with CE, LVD, EMC, RoHS standards. Apron Teknoloji has fully ESD compliant production area and all the products are protected for Electro Static Discharges. Not only ESD, but also all steps and processes take action according to IPC standards.



The most important QC step is “aging”. That’s not only to find errors seen in this step, but also it’s important to adjust future production adjustment coz of sustainable 100% success. Products tested for 72 hours, faults that may occur during aging test are eliminated once after that step.



All our products are tested and calibrated for uniformity of color and brightness before leaving the factory. We do also provide periodic after-sales calibration services.



We utilize the experience of our subsidiary company in metalworking to construct the framework and construction necessary for your LED screens. We are able to design and build non standard curved, spherical or any other custom shaped framework.



"Safety first"! is a key principle at LEDECA. Human safety comes first and is more important than anything else. We focus on safety on each step of the production process. Our facilities have the most current ISO standards in operational and environmental safety.



Small or huge screen, located in indoor or outdoor, from snowy mountains to deserts, wherever you are in Europe, Asia or Africa, whatever your project is retail, stadium or facade... We will be there for your turnkey demands .