The FACADE, is the family of semi transparent curtain screens from LEDECA, for covering glass surfaces inside and outside of buildings

Transparent curtain screens achieve multimedia playback and similar birghtness to regular LED video displays at much lower pixel pitches, and have gaps between the LED components, that allow the screen to only partially obstruct the light and view from the outside

FACADE screens are made in Turkey, and can be shipped across the entire EU and EEC without customs tax, with short delivery and shipment times

All FACADE products have CE certification from European quality labs

LEDECA also offers complete design, build and installation services for all architectural curtain screen applications

FACADE products are grouped under two product lines:


smart led screen

The SMART line of FACADE screens are for indoor behind-window applications. The basic building blocks of the screen are meshes of LED strips, that are fixed over a framework. The screens can be mounted on floor or hung from the ceiling

ScreenPixel PitchOperating Environment
LDSISP02.6/5.2FA2.6-5.2mmIndoor, SemioutdoorDetail
LDSISP3.9/7.8FA3.9-7.8mmIndoor, SemioutdoorDetail
LDSISP5.2/10.4FA5.2-10.4mmIndoor, SemioutdoorDetail
LDSISP10.4FA10.4mmIndoor, SemioutdoorDetail


armour led screen

The ARMOUR line of FACADE screens are for outdoor applications on the outer surface of a building facade. The screen is made up of LED strips, that are held by steel ropes, and require minimum framework

ScreenPixel PitchOperating Environment

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