"Contemporary Istanbul" (CI), which is held for the 14th time this year, will meet local and foreign art lovers at the Istanbul Convention Center Lütfi Kırdar Rumeli Hall.

The terrace area in the Lutfi Kirdar transforms into sculpture park named Garden of Eden with the participation of nine artists, thanks to the event brings together examples of contemporary art from Turkey and the World. CIF Dialogues conference program "Mediterranean Horizons" under the theme, "Mediterraneanism Concept" is being spoken Curated by French art researcher Anissa Touati Nin, the exhibition features 75 contemporary art galleries, 510 artists and over 400 works from 22 countries. 

We contribute to artists with LEDECA digital sculpture at Plugin Istanbul media area where digital artists Hakan Yılmaz (digital content) and Mehmet Ünal (artificial intelligence sound technology) are exhibited